Our Projects

Helping to make brand and marketing ambitions a reality

Client ambition: “We want to increase customer and distributor brand preference.”

The Chief Commercial Officer of an A-brand wanted us to help him increase the brand preference (for three product categories) among the company’s distributors and customers. To do so, we had to find a way to compete successfully on quality in a market that traditionally competes on price. We were able to achieve this by developing a purpose-driven customer value proposition based on extensive research data. Once developed, we produced and implemented a multi-channel brand campaign.

Client ambition: “We want to double our business by 2020 in a way that is socially responsible”

The Managing Director of an industry leader on the European market, reached out to us to help him design a market strategy that would allow the company to grow ambitously in a way that was still socially responsible. We conducted solid internal and external research as well as a series of workshops. Thus, we helped the company find a brand and market positioning that was built on the company’s sharply defined USPs and on rich extrinsic and extrinsic brand values. We also developed a detailed roadmap for the company’s market development.


Client ambition: “We want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to fulfill their international ambitions”

The owner and executor of a € 100 million investment fund contacted us to help them design a market development plan that would allow them to help more entrepreneurs expand their businesses internationally. This task included us developing a richer customer value proposition for them, as well as the development of a brand strategy, a channel strategy, and a communication strategy.

Client ambition: “We need to better measure, monitor, and manage our marketing effectiveness in order to grow our purpose-driven brands”

A marketing executive of this global blue-chip, which has been purpose-driven for years, hired us to help him realize the company’s ambition to become more data-driven marketers of purpose-driven brands. More specifically, they needed help in making their marketing effectiveness more measurable. We helped the company develop and implement the metrics, the tools (dashboard & semi-automated campaign ROI tracker), and the processes to achieve this objective.