We simplify data-driven decision-making
for sustainable business growth

One in two companies* are taking on the humbling task of transforming their business for the purpose of a more sustainable future. The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has defined 17 goals with no less than 169 associated targets. To contribute meaningfully to the realization of these goals and targets, companies need to make many difficult decisions: ‘How do we set priorities for sustainable development? How do we set the pace for change? How do we make the business case for sustainability? How do we engage all stakeholders? How do we align sustainable business growth with our brand values? How do we manage, monitor, and measure a successful business sustainability transformation?’

brandpurpose.nl is a sustainability consulting firm that is Dutch-based but operates internationally. We help profit-driven companies meet increasing stakeholder expectations of sustainable business growth. We do so by providing them with a data-driven decision-making framework & the tools for benchmarkingmanaging, and reporting progress on the realization of their purpose-driven ambitions.

What we do

Goal & target setting for business sustainability growth

Benchmark & risk analyses, and 360º stakeholder assessments of your company’s room for sustainable business growth.

(* 2017 brandpurpose.nl study among 110 CEO’s and CMO’s)

Put sustainability at the heart of your business

Defining & implementing the priorities, processes, and pace for managing an engaged business sustainability transformation.

Measure, track & report company preparedness for sustainability

Company preparedness for sustainability is tracked through periodic stakeholder awareness & engagement measurements.

Who we are

We are each experienced and battle-tested marketing & analytics practitioners whom you can trust to provide data-driven and practical advice to help you simplify decision-making for sustainable business growth – in a way that is inclusive of all your stakeholders.